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April 8, 2014:

A new EP titled "Beyond the Shadow" was released on Beatport today by Friends With Benefits Records. Check the EP out on Beatport.

October 21, 2013:

A two-track EP titled "The 9th Machine" was released on Beatport today. Check the EP out on Beatport.

February 12, 2013:

Robot Bomb Shelter's latest EP "Osculate" is released. It can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, Napster, eMusic and many other online retailers.


Beyond the Shadow
EP, release date: 4/8/2014
The 9th Machine
EP, release date: 10/21/2013
Gays Hate Techno Compilation
LP, release date: 6/18/2013

EP, release date: 2/12/2013
Staring at Screens
LP, release date: 8/1/2010
Synthetic Famine
Single, release date: 10/4/09
Robot Picnic
EP, release date 6/1/09

Art Department - Robot Heart (Robot Bomb Shelter Remix) - Official remix
Release date: 1/22/13
Return (Robot Bomb Shelter Mix) by Adonisaurus

Release date: 5/11/11
Mojave Phone Booth (Robot Bomb Shelter Mix) by Poor Little Saturday
Release date: 10/28/10
Get Out (Robot Bomb Shelter Mix) by ejector Release date: 3/1/09


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